Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello from Stockholm

I'm very fortunate right now to have the opportunity to live in Stockholm for a year. We arrived in December 08, so it has been 8 glorious months.

I experienced living in the snow season for the first time, it was so special, I will treasure it forever.

Stockholm is a very beautiful, clean, fresh city. While it is filled with a long history, everything is immaculately maintained. I'm very impressed. Even more so after travelling around other countries in this region and returning to our little city apartment, it feels like home.

Stockholm has a fantastic location for exploring Europe. From here, we've visited Tallinn Estonia, Riga Latvia, Helsinki Finland, Berlin Germany, Rome Florence and Pisa in Italy and Copenhagen Denmark. I never thought I'd ever see some of these places! Thank you to hubby for taking me on these incredible trips.

Another unforgettable experience was Kiruna in northern Sweden in March. It was still peak snow season and where we went to the infamous Ice Hotel and witnessed the marvel that is the Northern Lights. The Ice Hotel is incredible, built 100% out of ice from the nearby Torne River. We were so lucky to see the Northern Lights on both nights we were in Kiruna, they appeared very strongly.

It is now Spring, the sun is out and everything is green and pretty.

Until next time! I must show you some delicious Swedish delicacies.

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