Thursday, July 30, 2009

mairuru's easy cookie recipe

I love cookies and biscuits, not to mention cakes!! so I was very happy to find this recipe on mairuru's blog - the title got me first.

I don't have a weigh, so mairuru kindly translated the measurements into tablespoons - thanks mairuru!!

Oh, and I don't have a decorating tube to make the lovely patterned cookies, so I improvised with shaping the dough with 2 teaspoons.

I halved the recipe, just as a first try. I kept 2 plain, and added a little something to each of the rest - 1 mocca, 2 jam drops, 2 raisin, 1 dried coconut and a dried papaya.

Here they are prepared and ready to bake.

20mins later, wha la...

Very tasty little treats.

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